Welcome to the BTX program!

What are you waiting for to get younger?

This application, created by Sylvain Guimond, D.O., Ph.D. – Physical Educator, Osteopath and Doctor of Sports Psychology, will allow your team members, using simple tests to be performed in the comfort of their home, Assess the level of their overall physical and mental abilities with the ultimate goal of progressing towards optimal health!

Following the various tests, members of your organization will obtain their physiological age, which will allow them to monitor their progress.

The application includes:

Self-assessment of your posture

With the knowledge of our renowned experts, our artificial intelligence will allow you to have access to professional level postural evaluations adapted for individual use. You will have at your fingertips, personalized programs according to your results and integrated, innovative and evolving solutions according to your progress

Self-evaluation of your physical abilities

Your physical abilities are directly related to your posture. This is why this evaluation is a continuation of the previous one. You will get a detailed account of your physical condition in terms of your body composition, your cardiovascular capacity and the endurance and flexibility of all the muscles in your body in order to balance it all out

Self-evaluation of your personality

With the help of our specialists in the field, it is possible to accurately evaluate your behavioral habits and provide you with a detailed portrait of your personality. With this analysis, it will be easier to highlight your various mental characteristics in order to better exploit them

A personalized 8-week training plan, based on your results.

Following these three evaluations, you will receive an in-depth assessment highlighting your strengths, but also your areas for improvement. Our system will be able to define the age of your body. Your physiological age is a very revealing element.

Our goal? To make you younger.

By combining the mental assessment with your true age, we will be able to motivate you by proposing programs that reflect your personality and project the age you could reach by following our instructions!